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A Professional Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter Manufactured in Lawrenceville, GA USA

High Grade Powder Coated US Steel with Non Slip Neoprene Pads

Mount Weight: .04 oz. NEW LARGER DESIGN OPENS TO: 3.7 in (93.98 mm)

UniGrip Pro Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter that allows you to mount any smartphone to any Tripod, Mono-pod, Stabilization Package, Light and Sound Kits.

It's even strong enough to mount small LED Screens via 1/4 20 screw inserts on the Top and Bottom of the Adapter.

UniGrip also comes with a Lifetime Damage Replacement Warranty

Fits all smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, and most Smartphones with or without a Protection Case

The UniGrip Pro is A Professional Universal Smartphone Tripod Mounting Bracket that is Manufactured in Lawrenceville, GA USA and comes with a Lifetime Damaged Parts Replacement Warranty. It allows the user to mount any smartphone to any Tripod, Mono-pod, Stabilization Package, Light and Sound Kits and More due to its standard 1/4 20 screw inserts on the Top and Bottom of the Adapter. A simple two piece design makes the UniGrip Pro versatile enough to use with all standard photo and video accessories available on the market.

This simply means UniGrip Pro works with all the same accessories many shooters already own and because it is laser cut from the highest grade US steel the user can know this tool will provide the strength, durability and security needed to protect their phone. It's even strong enough to mount a small LED Screen with a light kit and audio package all at the same time without adding any additional weight to the device.

One Size Fits All! UniGrip Pro fits Any Smartphone with or without a protective case. The user only needs to buy one mount for their current phone and all future phones.


UniGrip Pro Fits all versions of iPhones (iPhone 3/4/4s/5/5c/5s/6), Samsung Galaxy s3/s4/s5, Galaxy Note 2/3/4, HTC One S, Motorola Droid Razr, LG Optimus, Cortana, Amazon Fire, LGG3, Google Nexus 4 and 5, Nokia Lumia 720/920, Sony Xperia Z, extra large smartphones such as the Samsung Note II or III

Great Mobile Phone Grip Carla
I bought this Unigrip since where are no adapters for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in my country. It fits perfectly on my gorilla pod, so now I don't have to bring a camera and a Phone with me, just the Phone will do:-)

Even on a Galaxy Note 3....Finally secure! J. Harrison "MightyJay"

Owning a larger than average smartphone, I had felt under served when it was time to purchase accessories. I had even had a few close calls when attempting to use another clip-style mount with my Galaxy Note 3. This mount is perfect for my needs. It seems impossible to break and will likely last me well through this and my next few phones. There is NO phone that this mount cannot SECURELY accommodate.

The UniGrip is Fantastic - After searching and trying others this is the One Perfect Solution Stanley Gustafson
I have been using the UniGrip for more than 2 weeks and love it. With this tool I can now angle and shoot video from just about any way that I want. In the car, at the office, outside, anywhere with the use of a tripod or grips it turns my phone into a real useable video camera. I can't wait to upgrade my Note II to the new Galaxy S5 with the 16 Megapixel Camera and the ability to shoot video in Ultra-HD. Life is good with the UniGrip Pro, I recommend it to anyone with a smart phone! I am a real estate agent and this comes in very handy all the time. You can see some of my video using the UniGrip at my website. Get yours today, you will love it.

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